Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

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Re: Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor for Amateur Sports Photography

Edward NJ wrote:

To make the story short, I was wondering how much are you gaining in image quality if you have to crop your images to compensate for the ‘wider’ angle in a full frame? Is it worth it if am losing some resolution?

Hi Edward,

I trust al is well.  You got some good advise here in the forum..  Full frame vs APS-C or APS-H will continue to be a debatable subject forever.  I shoot sports exclusively and have been doing so for over 25 years.  Although for some years I shoot full frame I used to do it with a  APS-C sensor camera.  When you do the transition to full frame you will notice the difference.  The lost of reach alone will make you wonder if you did the right choice.  I am, like you, completely in love with my 70-200 f/2.8 and think that it's a great choice for shooting races.

To answer your question, what you will gain in other aspects such as the ones mentioned by others here in the discussion will compensate for the loss of reach, and you will not be affected much by cropping.  The other aspect that has not been mentioned but that has been the topic of many discussions is pixel density.  For example, my 1DS might have fewer MPixels than other cameras but it has higher pixel density than many.

For the kind of imaging you are taking you don't need to change your gear.  Enjoy what you are doing!



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