Thoughts on the GX7 & E-M10

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Re: Thoughts on the GX7 & E-M10

Sorry to read your misfortune finding GX7 camera that works.

But why, oh why, buy new camera so close to leaving on holiday? That is deadly, and foolish.

"And then one morning, I turn on the GX7 to find "Please turn your camera off then on again" along with some grinding action. Seriously? After 4 days? I contacted Panasonic and they confirmed it would have to be sent to the repair center in Texas and I would receive a replacement at some point. Thing is, I'm going on a trip next week and *really* wanted this camera for the trip."

But why you compromise your first desire for GX7 by buying M10?

With only one week to learn camera? Seriously?

Why people always buy new camera just before going on holiday, I do not understand.

How can you be fully familiar of camera operation, learn new  menu,  handling one week before holiday?

You order extra batteries?

Bring and study copiously owner's manual, or find out make mistakes when shooting.

Good luck with new camera, and post some pictures here when you return from holiday.

Why so critical?

In my case, the late April trip was scheduled in December, the M10 wasn't announced until January, I couldn't afford the M1 (it's too heavy anyway), and the M10 won't arrive until this Monday. Sometimes you don't have the luxury of having 4 weeks with your new camera before the big trip!
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