Calling Pentaxians !!

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Re: The highly popular 3D myth

No need to post them as I am seeking assistance from Pentax users only, who by virtue of their responses thus far, understand specifically what I am looking for. I have no need to "prove" anything the fan boy wannabe photographers.

You don't have to prove anything.By the way, I've been shooting thousands of photographies with a K5 and some lenses (17/70, 21 ltd, Tamron 90, and so on...). I don't know how much photographies made with pentax are enough from your point of view to be considered as a "Pentax user".

I was just asking some pics, then we will be both sure we're talking about the same "effect". About examples, you can see many ones on the web. No specific brands, only specific situations and treatments.

That said, photography is fisrt of all a school of humility. I'm sure some humble pentax users better than me will answer you. If they can rise to the level that is yours.

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