G1 X Mark ii.. what's with all the hate?

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Re: G1 X Mark ii.. what's with all the hate?

Untill a decent review arrives such as Dpreview or Imaging Resource I will reserve judgement on the G1X II. Jessops, well a mate of mine had a £90 gift voucher unused when they went bust, his local store was still open, and they wouldn't honour it. Pre-paid and stuff in the shop he wanted. I personally didn't like that, they owed him and had the means to repay the debt. Anyway, perhaps the sales person in the shop was on commission, and if they didn't have what you wanted they would try to sell you something else, and of course what they do not have in stock will get rubbished and what they do will be the best. Simple but ruthless buisness tactics I suppose.  Back to the G1X II, I don't think it will be image quality that lets it down but functionality might cause a few raised eyebrows as did the G1X. Basicly it will be a good camera but not for everybody who expects all things to all people. It might be my saving grace.

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