Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

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Re: I like it after some customization

bananahead wrote:

Some people don't like change. They don't like having to learn a few basic things.

Yes, and equally some people like anything new, whether it's better or not. Look at the people queuing all night to pay top prices for the latest iPhone which is almost the same as the one they've already got. Change for the sake of it is not useful.

However, neither is it useful to bandy about insults, as it's greatly a matter of preference.

Personally, I don't like Metro. Nothing against touch screens, I use smart phones and tablets, but my reasons for not liking Metro:

  1. The Metro interface is (IMHO) not good on a mouse/keyboard interface
  2. The Metro presentation of apps makes poor use of large screen space with fine-resolution pointing devices
  3. Having two different UIs for Windows is unnecessary and undesirable

I've used it extensively - I have Windows 8 on one of my two main machines.

I have let quite a few people use my 8.1 systems that have never seen it before. Mostly they ask a few questions and then get on with using it without any problems.

That's not my experience of watching newcomers to Windows 8.  Most find it confusing and non-intuitive.

The core Windows 8 is fine, but Microsoft's motivation to try to force Metro on people has nothing to do with improving user experience, and everthing to do with their late entry into the tablet/smartphone market.  One can hide Metro fairly well with utilities such as Start8, but it still appears irritatingly often for Windows functions, and it's annoying that they've removed useful features like desktop gadgets so they can try to persuade people to use Metro apps.

As I say, we can have different opinions about Metro, but to suggest that it's only people frightened of change that don't like it is just plain silly.

Metro was not designed as a better desktop/laptop interface.   It was designed as an attempt to persaude people Microsoft could provide a single interface for all computing devices with all user interfaces.  What they've shown is that it can't be done.  Not well, anyway.

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