An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

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Re: Check the box item, but,...

Paul JM wrote:

Any one of the x series lenses

I wonder about that given how loud the AF can be.  Even if you have it in manual focus, the focus motor noise is still present.  I've heard that's not good for video.

I don't to turn the x series into a cinema camera. I just want to be able to capture decent video when I am travelling

Let's flip the question:  Name the current still cameras out there that do superlative still photography and decent enough travel video?

Of the few I've tried, the E-M1 was OK.  Ditto for the Panasonic GF5.  My friend's old GF1 and G3 were awful, producing jittery Youtube video.  My 5D2 and 5D3 were fine, but, you couldn't get good sound out of them without going to so lengths hooking up external mics.  I do like the 70D's video capabilities.  A number of Sony cameras do video fine.

I haven't traveled with my Fuji-X system yet.  When I did travel with my 5D3, I used a Panasonic ZS20 P&S.  The P&S was great because it was so small/light with a super zoom.  I could hold it up, taking video for nearly a hour at a time.

I'm tempted to borrow a friend's Sony RX100II just for video next time I travel.

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