Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art and bokeh (new pics 4/11/2014)

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Re:Peepers are coming out of the woodwork

RSchussel wrote:

Give me a break. It must be a full moon. The bokeh peepers are at it again, just like they were with the Sigma 35mm ART.

Different people are looking for various features out of their lens. I get that. But to try to condemn a lens you only have seen ads and a few pictures that were not well shot is troubling.. If a $950 Auto focus lens preforms as well/almost as well as a $4,000 manual lens guess which one most people will choose.

first of all the beauty of a boke (not bokeh) is partly subjective, secondly it's hard to judge about a boke with only a few samples. I would advice people to see lots of samples of different photographers instead of (commercial) bloggers to make their judgment. Flikr is your friend.

Second, when people buy such fast lens, they buy it mainly for two reasons. First of all it's speed (why else buy a 1.4, if a 1.8 does a similar job at F/2 and above) and the boke. So I would love to see lots of boke samples wide open or a bit slower before making any judgments

Personally I  feel the boke of this lens is very pleasant wide open of the samples I have seen so far, but those are not these samples


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