Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art and bokeh (new pics 4/11/2014)

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Re:Peepers are coming out of the woodwork

IMHO, this forum is going very well and is very instructive to most... so please keep it polite and respectful. When it comes to bokeh, everyone's opinion is valuable so please, no "mud slinging" and lets keep it informative and objective. Remember "beauty (bokeh?) is in the eye of the beholder".

The challenge with comparing pictures of "bokeh" is that comparative pictures that were not taken "side by side" will likely render differently and, IMHO, one cannot say that one lens' bokeh is better than another on this basis alone.

However, certainly one can post pictures showing what one feels is an example of good / bad bokeh and explain why they feel that way... that certainly fosters better understanding and furthers the discussion.

For mine, I cannot make up my mind on the comparativeperformance of this "Siggie", or any other lens for that matter, against a competitor until I see results that are presented "side by side" and in a way that does not "game" the results in a particular way. 'Gaming" a comparison is far too easy to do and can often fool even a well-trained eye, for a while, anyway.

As stated by many posters, no lens is perfect or can be expected to perform perfectly in every aspect. This "holy grail" can never be achieved with known technology.

But this is the whole point of such a good discussion as on this forum, potential purchasers, like me, can make up their increasingly "well informed" minds on which lens is best for their unique needs. IMHO, this business of simply saying one lens is "superior" to another is about as useful as saying that a rose is superior to an orchid...

Personally, I am really looking forward to future "unbiased" comparative examples of this lens against its competitors that will help me decide if I should purchase this lens for my specific needs or not. As far as I can tell, these are not yet available...

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