An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

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Re: An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

To finally answer your question.. I bought an Xpro1 and a great collection of Fuji lenses because I love photography and that is my main interest. Fuji for me is a better product and user experience than it's rivals that have better video ability. I have no interest in buying a separate camcorder to lug around for the odd occasion I would use it, but I sure would appreciate it if i had the bit rate of the GF3 and the continuos focusing of the 70D and being able to use full manual whilst recording.

I rarely use flash, Fuji shouldn't invest anymore time trying to improve this area as I have no interest in it?! I don't care if others would like a better flash system, they should know that before buying a Fuji you accept there will be no improvement to this.. Oh and video.

There are many cameras that have excellent video ability, if you think Fuji won't try to improve in this area you must be crackers, their business can't afford not to.

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