G1X Mark II compared to Sony RX100M2 - Initial Impressions

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Heyseuss Hoolio
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Re: OK, first G1XM2 / RX100 comparison pair.

flektogon wrote:

Tom Hoots wrote:

All I'll say at this point is "interesting results." These were just resized to 1080 pixels high, and saved at 90% JPEG quality. Both were taken with "default" in-camera JPEG settings.

Tom Hoots

Both pictures are perfect, so it's impossible (based just on those 2 pictures) to say which camera is better. From my experience, at such "ideal" light conditions and camera settings ANY camera can deliver excellent results. I have for example Sony H5, Canon S90 and the Pentax DSLR and by comparing their pictures on a PC monitor, if taken under such ideal conditions, doesn't give you any information as which camera delivers the best IQ. However, when I take some indoor pictures without flash, when the ISO has to go for example to 1600, then everything is immediately clear.

I agree, the cameras need to be compare in depth of field, low light ISO, distinguishable sharpness. Standard P&S shots that look the same on a cell phone shouldn't be compared.

And re-sizing photos aren't going to give you and indication of absolute sharpness because you can't zoom in all the way, of course sized reduced shots are going to look sharp.

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