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Re: Wedding Pix with RX10

Les James wrote:

Bassy, I noticed that you now have the R10. You also had the Fuji X-S1 Is it too early for you to comment if a change to the Sony is a worthwhile trade? I am seriously thinking of going that way. I already have the Sony R100 with the same sensor and I love that.

Les, I can chime in here.  I have the X-S1 (since late 2012) and now the RX10. IQ wise, the Sony blows away the Fuji in so many ways...all except jpg color and processing.  For handling, the XS1 is great, but larger, heavier but has the longer zoom.  The manual zoom on the XS1 is great, but for video work I really prefer the RX10.  For pure photos, the XS1 zoom.  Overall, I'll take the constant f/2.8 anyway over the Fuji.  The Zeiss glass is stellar. Menus, it takes getting used to for me as Fuji's are now second nature.  However, I don't mind. Build, I give a slight edge to Fuji...yes, the LCD feels much stronger compared to the RX10 which is a little flimsy to me.

EXR, love/hate on this one. I typically used the XS1 in "manually forced" EXR at 6MP.  In today's world, that's not fun.  I find that the Sony is very good at full 20MP, but I tend to down res to about 14-16 MP sizes for use and there is is stellar.  I do this is Aperture 3 and now a trial version of LR5.

ISO/sensitivity: Sony kicks butt with its 1" sensor.  For me to come back to a Fuji XS2 (if that ever comes), it would need to have a sensor equal to the Sony and have something else "magical" up its sleeve.  Just matching and playing catch-up won't do it for me. ISO 400 (maybe 800) was my limit on the XS1.  With the RX10, I'm good with 1600 and sometimes 3200 in color.  B&W 6400.

Overall, I prefer the Sony.

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