A couple of questions re print size & photoshop color settings....

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Re: A couple of questions re print size & photoshop color settings....

Ron AKA wrote:

charley5 wrote: The problem is that I have thousands of photos, and doubling seems a bit daunting in terms of the space they will take up.

There is no real need to save your over sharpened high rez print files. If you are using Photoshop, I would just use it to produce a temporary print file, and delete it when you have printed.

If you use a PC, the other option is to use Qimage Ultimate. I've used Qimage for about 10 years now, and much prefer it to Adobe. It automatically creates a temporary print file to the required resolution by reading the printer driver, and applies smart print sharpening based on your starting resolution, final resolution, and the print size. It also has a better resolution interpolation method than Adobe Bicubic Smoother. Here is a thread where I showed the results of my testing on the various Adobe and Qimage methods. My preferred method is Qimage Vector. Using Qimage Vector I suspect you can take your images and go a fair bit bigger than 10"x15" and still get very good quality.

Wow! Thanks for this! I'll look into it!


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