An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

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Re: An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

DJF77 wrote:

I promise you that Fuji will improve video quality in future cameras, they can't afford not to, as some one else has already pointed out. Fuji aren't aiming for a niche, they are aiming for a well rounded system accessible to many. There are many potential buyers who will want decent video from their camera. I have no doubt Fuji already will be working on this.

Cool, but as for us photo only people, our point stands, we have other issues we would like addressed and if video implementation would delay that or make new models cost more we would rather see them drop it all together.

And I still never got an answer to a big question, how can video be so important to anyone who bought an X-E1 knowing going in that it doesn't do video well?  Had video been important to me I most likely would not have chosen the Fuji.

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[[[If I am commenting on your X trans photos, I consider it a shame there are a few users out there who say test charts keep them away from X trans, this then encompasses all photos like these, amazing but true.]]]

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