Sony E16/2.8 + UWA photography

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Ari Aikomus
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Sony E16/2.8 + UWA photography


I was inspired by this "new" retro lens and thought simply what equivalent we NEX (APS-C) photographers already have ...Yes - we have cheap and very handy Sony E16/2.8 pancake! Too underrated lens, if you ask me. I know that it is not optically perfect, far from it. But it can do nicely its job, if you know its limitations. And with VCL-ECU1 UWA adapterit acts like 12mm lens (about 18mm FF equivalent), still f/2.8 aperture! Pretty neat?

So, feel free to post to this thread your pictures with Sony E16/2.8 + UWA combo! ...It may even be useful for those who don't know yet how much fun it can be

Here are a few from me:

Not "retro" enough?

Well - what about this?

Commets and your thoughts about this lens combination very welcome!



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