Exposure bracketing and ETTR - follow up

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Exposure bracketing and ETTR - follow up

Quite a while ago Anders offered this summary of exposure bracketing which resulted, eventually, in a exchange with me , partially quoted below...

Anders W wrote:

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Often when I ETTR I will end up more than +1. The E-M1 only goes to +3, so it seems that it wouldn't be possible to increase by two EV in those (frequent) circumstances. Am I understanding your technique correctly?

I am nearly always in manual mode and always am when I bracket exposure. In that case, the EC limit isn't a problem. I suppose (without having tried) that an alternative solution would be to use aperture priority with spot metering, set the proper ETTR exposure, change the framing so that the spot hits an area such that the shutter speed is lowered two stops, lock exposure, and then change back to the original framing. But even if this would work, it seems like a rather roundabout way of getting where you want to be.

I have been working quite a bit with exposure bracketing the past two weekends and I am having a few problems with which I need help.

  1. Even using manual mode I find that I often can't set the exposure high enough to accommodate having the exposure 3 stops higher than ETTR for a 5 exposure bracket. Sometimes I can't even get it 2 stops higher than ETTR for a 3 exposure bracket.
  2. I noticed this morning that no matter what f stop setting I use the ETTR occurs at the same place on the bar graph. I was trying to use different aperture settings to give me more room to the right but it didn't work.
  3. I actually had another concern and in the course of composing this much of the message I managed to forget what them. I reserve the right to raise it when I remember what is was.
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