An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

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Re: An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

I honestly do not get it at all.. I rarely use video, but I would still love my Fuji to have excellent video capability. If you dont use it then why would you not want others who would use it to enjoy the benefit?

As for this buy a video camera if you want video nonscense; who in there right mind would want to take a camera and a video camera out on a day out? 99% of people would welcome a camera that can do both (except a few technophobes on here)

Fuji already has the Photography side down to a tee. Improving video would be no hardship, Sony and Panasonic can do it > there is no real reason Fuji can't put a little more effort into it, I highly doubt it would hinder any advances on the photography side (unless you wish to tell me what and how?). Oh, and if you don't want the video mode.... Don't use it.

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