Star Trails Over The Tulips

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Star Trails Over The Tulips

Inspired by the series Cosmos, decided I would give it a first try at doing Star Trails photography. Tired of the same old same old for the tulip festival. Called ahead and got permission from the wonderful owners over at Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn Or.  Place closes at 6:00PM....almost everybody out at 8:00.....was up on a high perch...tripod all set up and sat and watched the world go by. Coyotes serenaded me as the lights went down and the stars started to come out. I thought ahead and wore an extra layer, but should have brought thin gloves. It was an awesome evening.

Then the stars started to shine. Time to get to work. Focused on the bright moon....set camera to manual focus. got shot composed....took a few test shots to insure composition and exposures were what I wanted (viewfinder was almost useless) Amazed that the 2/3 moon was MORE than enough to keep the ISO at sane levels and even Mt. Hood as well as the tulips were actually quite well lit.

Set interval timer to 30 seconds, and 300 shots. Put my folding chair down, went to the bathroom, insured I had a snack...sat down and listened to the camera click for about 40 min. Fell asleep till the cold woke me up. My teeth were chattering like a wind up toy. So decided time to interrupt the interval timer and make due with what I had. Turns out what I had was plenty to get the picture I envisioned.

Still playing with stackers. The first one I tried (Star Stax) kept dying in the middle of the conversion but it had the "Gap Fill" feature...bummer.

Did statistical mode in Photoshop and that worked fine except the gaps. Still looking, but got the finished product.

Well enough is the one shot I got (actually 62 shots joined together).

Not too shabby for my first effort in start trails.

Happy spring!!!


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