First Foray into Full Frame on a Budget?

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Not the Kodak!

MinAZ wrote:

I am a self-confessed gearhead. I do love the art of photography but I am also a gigantic nerd and I love collecting photography stuff. One thing I have never done is to use a full-frame digital camera (I did use full frame 35mm cameras, but those are really cheap compared to full-frame digital for some reason).

I have been thinking about making a foray into digital 35mm, but I could never justify paying $3,300+ for a system. However, I have been thinking whether it might be worth shelling out a couple of hundred bucks to get an old EOS 5D or even an old Kodak digital 35mm. The 5Ds run about $500 for the first version, and more than $1k for the Mark II, and the Kodaks run about $300.

Question: what lenses do you own?

I got into FF back when the APS lens choices were very limited, especially in areas like portrait lenses, and wide and normal primes. FF was a Godsend, my large collection of good FF optics was back in their stride.

This made it worth while putting up with the disaster that is the Kodak 14n.

Price is very much an issue. I am doing this for fun not a profession (yet)

That rules out the SLR/c. Kodak built their Nikon mount FF bodies (14n and the virtually identical SLR/n) from the Nikon N80 film-SLR body, so the only real flaws were the klunky Kodak menus and the ergonomics of the Kodak digital controls. The Canon mount SLR/c gives you the poor performance and ergonomics of a Sigma SD-9 film SLR chained to the poor ergonomics of the Kodak 14 electronics and computer package. It is unpleasant in every way it is possible for a DSLR to be pleasant. It ties with the Leica DMR as the most unpleasant DSLR ever built. It will cut the fun out of your life.

The Canon 5D still has a lot of fun left in it.

and at this point what is driving this is 100% curiosity. Now, at some point, if the FF blows me away, I might end up selling all my gear and trading up to a FF system. But for now, I just want to know what all the fuss is about, play around with FF and see what kind of IQ and DOF I can get etc...

Currently I use a Canon 70D with fast (but not usually L) glass.

The question is: will the 5D still have enough defining characteristics which are ADVANTAGES compared to the 70D that it will make it worth even the (relatively) meager investment to buy one?

I was sold on FF the first time I looked through the finder. The photographic experience was better.

And image quality depends on the combination of camera and lens, which brings us back to the question of what lenses do you own?

And if you think that the 5D is a good introduction for someone who has never used FF before.

I use a 5D2 occasionally, as an adjunct to my Nikon system. It's a pleasant general purpose camera, and your 70D experience gets you half-way there as far as mastering the 5D user interface.

And you can buy a used 5D, play with it for six months, and if you don't click, turn around and sell it for about what you paid for it.

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