Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

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Re: Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

fwellers wrote:

z2122 wrote:

the file size is not a problem at all. i have d610 bought a week ago and can wirk with nef in lightroom easily. further you have the possibility to use NEF with compression and 12 bit on a D610 - this will reduce filesize by 30-50% and i cannot see any diffeerence to 14 bit nef in lightroom.
anyhow ... i was shooting a lot of raw with my canon aps-c camera ... with the nikon 610 i switched mainly to jpgs in normal compression, because they are very good and much smaller.

Not me, I am pretty anal. Whatever I think brings out the most in the image, that's what I do, which means shooting raw uncompressed 14 bit. <grin>.

You're wasting disk and card space with uncompressed files.  Lossless compressed will yield the same bit for bit image when loaded into your image editing program compared with uncompressed.  Absolutely no difference.

I do agree with 14 bit though.  The only advantage to using 12 bit is to save disk space on the computer and save read and write times to your flash card.  Because the file is smaller it will load a little quicker into your image editing program.  Once loaded, however, it is a full 16 bit image.  There will be no difference in processing speed inside your image editing program.  It will be hard to see the difference between a 12 bit photo and 14 bit.  So if you want to save some disk space, fine.  I agree with you though.  I take all my photos in 14 bit.

I have heard such good things about the jpgs though, that I told myself I will consider learning about picture control and possibly give it a try. It's really tough for me to consider letting the camera make the choices. I have a real quick workflow, with PM, CNX2 and NIK. After I do my cropping and any cleaning up, it's usually just tweaking any exposure issues, lens corrections and using various contrast and detail filters. But it makes me feel like I am seeing what can be done with the image and making the decisions.


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