Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

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Re: Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

Cliff Fujii wrote:

You make it sound like owning a Df is like being a member of an elitist club. What about those people who want the high ISO performance of the D4? Many Df owners also own a D800. The two cameras complement each other in performance. The Df benifits from having a sensor designed by Nikon. I would think that part of the cost of the Df is due to the extensive testing that the camera went through in the post D600 era.

I used to have a D600 (no issues) and I sold it to purchase a Df because I thought it would be a better match to my D800. I like the light weight of the Df and it's ability to take clean images at ISO 12800 at EV3 or EV2.

Just saying in absolute value, your first £1300 buys you a lot of camera, your extra £1000 buys you some extra benefit in certain situations. It is the law of diminishing returns. On a limited budget, I would certainly recommend spending the extra on lenses - it would almost certainly improve your pictures more cost effectively.

But hey, if I had a Df (silver, not the boring black one), I would probably leave my D600 at home, I would walk round with my AIS lenses and have great fun, looking really cool (at least in my head) - but sadly, I don't think my pictures would be noticeably better or even that different.

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