An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

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Re: An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

DJF77 wrote:

Maximus176 wrote:

Not for me, not interested in video.--

Ridiculous thing to say... You are not fussed about video so we may as well have crap video capability?

Im not big into video, but I would sure appreciate it if Fuji upped there game on video - even if just to have nicer family clips.

I  don't think he was ridiculous.  I think he means that for many we would rather see Fuji fixing other issues before they worry about video.   I agree, I could care less about video, I have a video camera for that.  It sits in my closet with dead batteries from lack of use.  I would much rather see Fuji spend their energy giving us a proper converter software for the PC so we don't have to spend over a hundred dollars on photoninja.  I would rather see them update the X-E1 and let us name our cam configs.  I would rather them allow us to save the entire state of the camera as a config (like exposure preview in manual mode) instead of being limited to the config menu list.

Sowe are saying to Fuki "NO, there are other more important things many of us would rather have, we bought the camera to take photos with, not videos.  We bought it going in knowing it didn't do video well and yet we bought it anyway".   In fact, everyone who bought it knew it didn't do video well yet still bought it,yet you now say how important it is?  It's no more important now to many of us than it was when we bought it.  Which makes me ask, how come you bought it in the first place is video is so important to you?

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[[[If I am commenting on your X trans photos, I consider it a shame there are a few users out there who say test charts keep them away from X trans, this then encompasses all photos like these, amazing but true.]]]

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