Canon 5D3 vs Nikon 800E noise tests

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Re: Canon 5D3 vs Nikon 800E noise tests

Hi Toby

Looks like a good test and pretty similar to what other photos from both cameras show. I've also head that the 5DIII is "better" at high ISO but I haven't seen it really. I once did a comparison of many models using DPR's tests, all matched to 12MP and it looked lik the D800 andt 5DIII are more or less similar, but the D800 has a little more colour noise in some situation, which is pretty easy to remove with no downside in software anyway.

As far as feel, it is individual... like saxophones
The D800 is the most comfortable camera I've held in my hand InspiteĀ of that I bought a different model (which for me was overall better). Though I like the feel of the Canon too.

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