An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

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Re: An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

I'm all in for better video, but I don't think there really is much point to release products with half-baked video capabilities of the sort we are now seeing on most if not all cameras able to do video. People really interested in video tend to favour, if they can stomach the expense, dedicated products from Blackmagic, Arri, Red, Canon or Sony.

Fuji can improve the X series' video capabilities as much as they want, people are likely to continue to favour dedicated video solutions for various reasons (ergonomics, UI, form factor, special connectivity, specific focusing and exposure aids dedicated sensors, etc.). So IMHO they first need to clearly delimit who is likely to use a camera with video capabilities on top and how, and proceed to meet the demands of this type of consumer. I'm not sure for example there is much wisdom in trying to get 4K out a camera without first getting the UI, workflow, file formats, etc. just right. So far no camera company is doing it really well.

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