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with manual lenses the fuji pseudo film slr split screen focusing is really nice, focus peeking isnt that great, the best thing to do with manual lenses IMHO is to prefocus using the magnification (set it to a programmable button if its not set to a button on the A3000) .. for things that move you will struggle with getting a high percentage of infocus shots unless you prefocus and shoot several shots through the focus pre point.  This will help you a lot on the A3000 as your screen/EVF resolution is lower than the NEX5R so you will struggle more relying on focus peeking alone

I have a NEX5R and love the high res screen even in bright sun, I get some lovely shots with a Mint Nikon 105mmf2.8 (in fact i'm taking it to play to the London Marathon tomorrow) but get a lot of missed shots due to spending the time on focus or the focus not being spot on with a smallish  DOF - very annoying getting shots less than perfect in focus when the composition/exposure is great

its intensely annoying that Sony can't be bothered adding the ability via firmware for a NEX/A7 user to set a minimum shutter speed which as the NEX auto iso system goes down to 1/60 sec before isoing up meand you always get motion blurr unless you ennsure the shutter speed is > Silly.Old.Sony !

I've used Mint Minolta manual primes on the NEX as well and find out of the sun and away from extreme whites/reflections (eg white writing on a saddle or the sun coming off a car) the lenses perform pretty well but if you have the bright whites/reflections you get quite bad glow which i suspect is the low tech multi coatings and perhaps only being applied to a few element surfaces .. It's something I dont see with Nikon non E multicoated primes I have which by in large render beautifully on digital.

To be truthfully honest i would never use a manual focus lens if i could get a E mount bright 80-100 mm ish tele prime with AF .. but alas not to be

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