Thousands (BILLIONS! j/k) of hot pixels at 1/200 and ISO 6400 on D800

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Re: Thousands (BILLIONS! j/k) of hot pixels at 1/200 and ISO 6400 on D800

InTheMist wrote:

MickLaF wrote:

Please keep in mind that those pictures are zoomed in quite a bit, you have to since the pixels are so tiny on this sensor.

But for purposes of finding out if this is normal, could someone take a lens cap photo at 6400 1/200, zoom in until you see the pixels and compare it to the second image in the previous post?

I had a lens on it, but layed face down in a dark room.

Dark Frame, 100% Crop, D800, Shot .NEF, Default Lightroom Export

Shot in Raw, default Lightroom output.

To be honest, I think you're peeping way too hard for ISO 6400. Your images must have been much more than 100% crop for the pixels to be that big.

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It's more important how an image looks as a thumbnail than how it looks at 100%.

Thank you for posting. I agree that I'm looking somewhat hard, especially since raw converters pull them out. The first time I wasn't looking hard and noticed them. Then, just to make sure that's when I shot the cap and zoomed in so far--to make it easy to compare to other's shots.

Even at the zoom level you're at there, you should still be able to see some tiny speckles. However, once you put it in lightroom, those hot pixels got pulled out automatically.

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