Dust and oil is forever?

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Re: Dust and oil is forever?


It would really help to know what Nikon did to your camera. With six service trips, did they replace the shutter or not? As others have said, the dozen or so dust specks on your sensor are not out of the ordinary for a full frame sensor and they are NOT all in the upper-left of your test-shot . So assuming they replaced the shutter, what you have there is nothing to be alarmed about. I'm sure many people have similar results sending their cameras to Nikon for cleaning.

Might be time to learn how to clean your sensor, it's not a big deal by any means. There are plenty of tutorials and videos out there.



I don't think replace the shutter. Only "Sensor cleaning and prevention" and replace other components. Now, for these spots, "not confirm" and not cleaning.


I'm having a little trouble understanding what you just said. Nikon said "not confirm", meaning what? And you said "not cleaning", right? Quite possibly if you send it back one more time they WILL replace the shutter, that is if they haven't done so already.

But, again, the amount of dust you have is not terrible and can be dealt with easily. And it does NOT look like lubricant to me.


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