An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

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An appeal to Fuji : please fix the video on the X series

Interesting to see the last year of sales figures for mirror less cameras around the world. They certainly have not garnered the sales that they should, or that they deserve. So the manufacturers need to start asking the question of 'why'

I have used SLR cameras now for more than 30 years. I was quick to uptake dSLR in 2003, and have held a series of Canon dSLRs since then. 4 or 5 years back, I bought a lumix GF1 as a travel camera. I loved it, but it was clearly not the full package. Since then, I bought the OMD. Great camera, but for all its strengths, it is still a tiny sensor, with impact on DOF and high iso quality

Then came the XE1. I bought in. I love it, for stills it is fantastic. But as a carry everywhere/travel camera, it just does not cut it with video. Many here will argue that they dont care about video, but clearly many people do, and if the X series is to shift people away from dSLR, and to capture their hearts, it needs to include at least one model that 'does it all'.

The video on the XE1 (and I am told it is not better on the newer models) is wretched. Little in the way of control, and more than anything a really poor compression codec. Captures too little data, and is visibly worse than the video from other compact cameras.

So why is this a problem ? In 2014, many people want a single unit they can take away for a weekend, trip, carry with them, that will deal with all that is required. My Canon 5d mk2 did this, fantastic still and video quality. I have dragged it all over the world, and deep underwater. Even the OMD makes a better fist of being an all round camera than the X series. At least if I am carrying my OMD with me, I can use the (excellent) MFT lenses on my Blackmagic PCC if top end video is required. But no such luxury with the X series. The lenses are for, well, just the x series. And the x series video stinks.

So, those who shoot still only can argue all they like against worrying about video. But the reality is that these cameras are not selling in the numbers that are required to sustain them long term. And hence investment currently in the x series lenses is fraught with danger, as I see it. I have even reach the potentially heart breaking point of dumping the x series gear, and investing in the Sony series. At least they pay due deference to the requirements of (many many) photographers to capture high quality video that will stand up to post.

Fixing the video capture on the x series is no longer part of a 'wish list'. It may well be essential to the series' survival.

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