Thousands (BILLIONS! j/k) of hot pixels at 1/200 and ISO 6400 on D800

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Re: Thousands (BILLIONS! j/k) of hot pixels at 1/200 and ISO 6400 on D800

All normal.

High ISO noise seen at 100% view...

Some readings...

And results, when using camera High ISO NR:

Looking through those sites I still didn't see any full on pixels in the shadow/black regions. I see plenty off iso noise, though, which is what I expect. In the pictures I posted there is plenty of noise, but what concerns me are all the tiny speckles of blown out/hot pixels. Once those sites ran the photos through their raw converters, it would have removed them if they were there.

I'm curious if you shot a lens cap in a dark room under the same conditions on your D800/E, at the same settings (ISO 6400 1/200), opened in Windows 8 Photo Viewer, what it would look like.

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