X100 lens ring

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pavi1 wrote:

clockface wrote:

It's neither stiff or difficult if you apply even force all around the ring. You will be surprised how easily it unscrews.

Hold the camera with one hand.
Present the lens, with ring attached, to your other hand (to a flat dry palm).
Twist the camera.
Do not pinch any part of the ring with fingers.
Allow the friction of your dry flat palm to exert its force against the whole ring.
It will unscrew, with the bare minimum of applied force.

It isn't a Fuji quirk., or a design flaw; it's physics.

Why is it so hard to understand that Fuji designed the lens cap as a tool to remove the ring?

Perhaps some do not want to admit they have lost he lens cap.

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Yes, I forgot to mention, to apply even force the lens cap works equally as well as a dry flat palm. The benefit of a dry flat palm is of course that you don't need to find the lens cap.

It's all a bic academic to me as since removing the lens ring (with the aid of my flat dry palm) i've never put it back on. Likewise the lens cap is also stored unused in the original box.

So that what the lens cap was designed for, and me thinking it was a lens cap. Strange no mention of this alternative design function in the manual. Still I suppose if it works and you don't happen to have a dry flat palm available then yes, good spot.

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