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Re: Street vendor

oneANT wrote:

just as you don't care much for the camera used, I'm inclined the same way with car seats. There has to be intent or opportunity and somehow I am still overpowered by the seat as if it is the main feature of the photograph. You know I don't mean poorly, never but this picture is below you and I'll except nothing less when I can see the other photographs that you do ...


Curious to know what makes this photo sub-par to Vidau's other work. Would you like to elaborate?

For my standards I think it is pretty successful as from the photo I can sense my own apprehension and anxiety whenever a vendor approaches in mid-traffic.

Perhaps you just want to do a good cop/bad cop thing with Vidau's photo. I don't know if that is what's happening but I'm sure Vidau is more confused than ever.


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