Will the Nikon D5 be a mirrorless full-frame camera?

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Re: how about an accessory EVF for fast mirror-up mode? (and video)

No need for it to be an accessory. Nikon already have several patents for a dual mode OVF / EVF for a DSLR that works in EVF mode with the mirror up.

If it comes, they'd likely use it in other cameras first to sort out any problems and perfect it before putting it in a flagship pro model.

Nikon won't get rid of the F mount, or the mirror, for a very long time - it would take them so many years to produce a comparable line of pro lenses for mirrorless cameras - and pros don't want to use adaptors or purchase  a whole new set of expensive lenses.

They won't get rid of F-mount but you're going to see them get rid of mirrors whether you like it it not. With EVF so true to the real image and much better for very bright scenes such as landscapes, it only makes sense. It's a big cost for them as well and a way to increase profit margin. They will keep a couple models for diehards.

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