Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: Disapointed in my Df.

brianric wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

using what kind of lens? kit? (f/3.5-f/5.6), f/4? or f/2.8? or a prime even faster? that makes a difference when light levels are lower.

Lens will make a difference, but a f/5.6 lens will send the same amount of light to the focusing sensor on Nikons.

I sure hope it won't. Autofocus is wide open aperture. If you are using a lens that as the focal length used only opens to f/5.6 and another lens is say a 100 f/2, the f/2 will let in 3 stops more light making autofocus more accurate and faster. Been there, it does. I'll never use even an f/4 lens indoors. Gotta be f/2.8 or faster.

The only system I know where focusing speed and accuracy changes is on Canons (don't know if all Canons work that way) where there are more accurate sensors that are activated by the f/2.8 aperture lens.

That attribute of Canon SLRs is allowing those focus sensors to be used on f/2.8 or faster lenses because more light is coming in to make use of them for better accuracy!

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