Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

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Re: Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences


But I am a little concerned whether the 24mp will be a pain to work with, larger files, more processing time, less forgiving of errors, maybe more noise due to pixel density.

I think 24MP is about optimal right now.  They files are reasonably sized, they process fast on this generation of computers.  To me it's the sweet spot.

But most importantly: The D610 puts out the cleanest file in the industry, except for the $35,000 PhaseOne IQ-250.  It isn't less forgiving of errors at's more forgiving.  It forgives all kinds of exposure adjustments, more so than the D4/Df at low ISO settings.  At the same time, it allows you to boost your game.

And lastly, there is not more noise due to pixel density.  Noise is measured either across the entire sensor surface or per unit area of the sensor, and /not/ per pixel.  Nose is summed in quadrature, giving a solid advantage to having more pixels.  And actually, the performance of the D610 at base ISO and 100% view is pretty damn good.

And as I said, what 24MP does for hair, skin, textures, branches, foliage, etc., is very very nice, even at web sizes.

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