Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

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Re: Zeiss 16-70 and Canon 18-55 STM reviewed on EPZ

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

The usual die-hard fanboys are out again. Nothing and nobody will ever persuade them that the 1670 Zeiss is not a God's gift optically speaking. Oh, but it has 2mm and 15mm more on either side, it must be better then.

To some, better isn't about being able to comprehend range or why one prefers 24mm FOV over 28mm, f/4 over f/4 over f/5.6 at longer FL... it appears to be that if it says Canon or Nikon it is Godsend.


Very true! And unfortunately this tactic is employed here constantly.

By trolls with obligatory use of the word: fanboys.

Ghost ( Einstein must turning in his grave ) - there is a solution for your angst.  Go out, take some photos.

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