Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

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Re: Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

z2122 wrote:

the file size is not a problem at all. i have d610 bought a week ago and can wirk with nef in lightroom easily. further you have the possibility to use NEF with compression and 12 bit on a D610 - this will reduce filesize by 30-50% and i cannot see any diffeerence to 14 bit nef in lightroom.
anyhow ... i was shooting a lot of raw with my canon aps-c camera ... with the nikon 610 i switched mainly to jpgs in normal compression, because they are very good and much smaller.

Not me, I am pretty anal. Whatever I think brings out the most in the image, that's what I do, which means shooting raw uncompressed 14 bit. <grin>.

I have heard such good things about the jpgs though, that I told myself I will consider learning about picture control and possibly give it a try. It's really tough for me to consider letting the camera make the choices.   I have a real quick workflow, with PM, CNX2 and NIK. After I do my cropping and any cleaning up, it's usually just tweaking any exposure issues, lens corrections and using various contrast and detail filters. But it makes me feel like I am seeing what can be done with the image and making the decisions.


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