A few from yesterday - TX1 with 10-24mm and 55-200mm

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Re: A few from yesterday - TX1 with 10-24mm and 55-200mm

I enjoy PP'ing images at least as much as I enjoy capturing them. Since I serve as a caregiver for my completely helpless wife, I have lots of time stuck in the house - something I never did before her stroke. Playing around with PP'ing gives me something I enjoy to pass that time. So, I will apologize in advance for how boring this answer will be - but you asked!

#1 was a color image that I converted to B&W in CS5. Before starting the conversion, I reduced saturation in the color image, because I wanted a ethereal, gentle effect; and then played around quite a bit with the various color channels in the B&W conversion layer until I got very close to the look I wanted. Finally, I painted some shadows and some sun light on to the water to draw the eye to that area. Added a frame and done.

#2. I worked with curves and painting in shadow and light areas to get the lighting the way I wanted it. Then I bumped up the saturation in some of the tree trunks and the green overhanging branch to give a little more color. I both increased and deceased the saturation in various parts of the water to get the look I wanted. Then I did what I think is called the "Orton Effect" (where something is sharp and blurred at the same time, if that makes any sense), by making a duplicate layer and subjecting it to a 5 pixel Gaussian blur. I blended the blurred layer with the original using the Overlay mode and then erased the blurred layer over Chase and selectively sharpened him a bit as well. I added a border and quit.

#3. Here, there was a good bit of distortion from the super-wide lens, so I chose the vertical pillar to the left as the base line and straightened the picture so that line would be directly up and down and let everything else flow from that. Then, I added shadow (on the floor and flat part of the walls to draw attention away from those features) and highlights (on the facing parts of the arches to emphasize the shapes and some of the graffiti) and added saturation to some of the graffiti that I had highlighted. A simple frame and done.

#4 Here, I painted in highlights and shadows on the water pretty heavily (for example to show the reflection of the rock wall in the water and to give the appearance of a light source just to the left of the rock wall). I saturated the color in parts of the water - also with a rather heavy hand to get that cool blue-green in the middle. The foreground log was almost white and featureless from weathering, so I darkened it, added a brown color that wasn't there and then did a good bit a sharpening to give it some detail as I wanted to draw the eye there first. I added a touch of the same brown I used on the log to parts of the distant rock wall - not sure why, my eye just wanted it there. Again, a simple black border and done.

#5. This one was done pretty much like #2 - Orton Effect, sharpening Chase and all. However, there was a huge hanging pine branch that pretty much filled the entire upper left quadrant of the pic - ruined it completely, so I got rid of that and "painted" in the water you see there. Also, the goose in the OOC image was way off to the right - ruined the composition, so I moved her to the left a bit, getting the composition I wanted and painted more water around her. Basically the OOC image looked very little like the finished image - a lot of it is fake - but the finished image shows what really happened that day much better than the OOC image.

#6. This is straight OOC - not even a border.

Comments on how I could have done this better and suggestions for improvement are much appreciated!


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