Opinion on abandoning DSLR for System X

Started Apr 11, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: I want to kep my canon system

I had a D800e and I got an XE1 to complement it. I found I started only using the D800e for specialist nightscape shots.

I then got the Sony A7r and this matched the D800e but had the small form factor. I sold the D800e and am happy with that decision.

I added XT1 as I really like my XE1 and XT1 is the current ultimate X camera refinement machine.

Its a beautiful camera, does everything and great IQ. I find XT1 and A7r a nice pair the only issue is they can't share lenses. So got the advantages of full frame and the advantages of fast AF with XT1 and great Fuji lenses.

XT1 and 5D2, in my opinion XT1 would be better at almost everything although 5D2 is a great camera. XT1 is just better in all departments except more flexibility of DOF and blackground blur iwth FF but then Fuji lenses generally are fast 23, 35 1.4 and 56 1.2.


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