Torn Between The Sigma 70-200 and Sigma 150-500 lens

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Re: Torn Between The Sigma 70-200 and Sigma 150-500 lens

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I am debating on whether to get the sigma 70-200 lens or the 150-500 lens. I understand the focal lengths and low light capabilities of each. I want to attempt some birding but I think getting a lens SPECIFICALLY for birding in my situation being a college student, I would rather get a lens that works for both. I know the sigma 70-200 does not reach as far as the 150-500 however, using a Canon 70D and the possibility of purchasing an extender of 1.4 making it 3 times the focal length would make the 70-200 a 210-600? Maybe I have that part wrong.

It seems to me that the 70-200 would be mostly redundant for you since you already own a 24-105. By adding that lens, you'd gain the 105-200 range but have nothing beyond that. Adding the 150-500 leaves a hole in the 105-150 range, but considering what you're adding, it seems like the better trade-off.

I don't see 70-200 and 24-105 as redundant at all. 70-105 is hardly any overlap at all. THe 24-105 is redundant to the 24-70 which is meant to complement the 70-200.

Here's what I was trying to convey:
If the OP buys the 70-200, between his two zooms he would have the 24-200 span covered with overlap in the 70-105 range which is almost half of what the 24-105 lens covers.

If the OP buys the 150-500 lens, he will have 24-105 range and the 150-500 range covered. In essence, this comes down to choosing between covering the 105-150 range or the 200-500 range.

Yes, I know there are other variables that might be at play (like which lens is faster, etc.) but the OP hasn't given us much information and only mentions the focal length when presenting his dilemma; therefore, I'm assuming focal length is higher on the priorities list.

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