Loud shutter sound of Sony A7 series

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Re: Loud shutter sound of Sony A7 series

terrylau wrote:

I have played with Sony A7 and A7r in Sony shop . As much as I like the cameras , I find the shutter sound too loud and give vibrations that could impact on the slowest shutter speed that can be used to give a steady picture . Since there is no mirror to give a mirror slap ,wonder why a quieter shutter design as that on A77 ? Sony A7 do have an electronic first curtain so is quieter than A7R but still loud .

Any ideas ?


I can say from experience that the A7 is able to shoot fine at low shutter speeds if you're able to hand hold steadily - I can usually hand hold at or below 1/focal length.  Lenses with OSS can even improve that even further, but I find myself doing just fine with manual primes.  Plus, you can get a pretty good file at ISO 6400 so I don't find myself worrying too much about how low I can drop the shutter speed other than using it for effect - to capture motion blur for instance.  Sound wise, the A7 isn't loud with EFCS enabled.  It's not as pleasing as the leaf shutter cameras, but if you need silent that's what you should buy.

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