Loud shutter sound of Sony A7 series

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Re: A7 shutter sound is not loud, its long

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I have played with Sony A7 and A7r in Sony shop . As much as I like the cameras , I find the shutter sound too loud and give vibrations that could impact on the slowest shutter speed that can be used to give a steady picture . Since there is no mirror to give a mirror slap ,wonder why a quieter shutter design as that on A77 ? Sony A7 do have an electronic first curtain so is quieter than A7R but still loud .

Any ideas ?


It is no louder than many cameras....with EFC turned off, the double noise is just longer not louder.

I always have EFC on though so only get the one shorter sound.

Compared to my GX7 it may be a little louder though not enough to matter.....though the GX7 does have a silent shutter mode that is nice but limits things.

GX7 can vary the sound as well (but does not seem to make much difference anyway).

A7 shutter noise is fine by me.....maybe would not use it as a guest in a church at a silent moment....but that is the same with most cameras without a completely silent shutter.

It is not so much the noise but the heavier shutter vibration that concerns me . This means a higher shutter speed need to be used to achieve a steady picture especially for A7R which have a 36Mp sensor .

With A77 I am able to get a steady picture as low as 1/6 hand held . I am sure A7 and A7R cannot do this especially when they dont have in body image stablisation .

this subject been discussed elsewhere


Ah. I see. You're an SLT troll.

Just in case you actually want an answer, you should consider that, with a stop and a half better low light performance, you wouldn't need to shoot at 1/6th for the same noise results from an A7. You would be shooting instead at about 1/20th. All the FE zooms offer OSS, so you can shoot that slow hand-held, but you can also use a number of MF 50/1.4's (for normal fields of view) that are good and cheap, so you wouldn't even need that slow of a shutter speed.

If you're really interested in IBIS and full frame, get an A99.

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