Running out of hard drive space again... what to do?

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Re: Consider embracing Cloud storage?

I'm a professional with terabytes upon terabytes of 60mb Raw files and 25mb JPEGs. I do the following:

Internal 500GB SSD for OS boot, applications and 5 or so most current projects. This makes PS and LR run very quickly and efficiently. As someone else said, keep at least 10-15% free for scratch memory etc. I then have several 2-3 TB external spinning disk drives for storing other projects that are in the last year or so and I may need to edit more. Then all other finished work, with exception of a few special images where I want to keep RAW files, I archive off as full resolution JPGs to Smugmug Pro account. Sure, it's not exactly cheap at $300, and I'm not sure if that's financially feasible, but I have around 12TB organized and stored there that is much easier than looking through a stack of HDs to find.

That said, make sure you consider WHOSE cloud you embrace. Before Smugmug I invested a lot of time in uploading files to a online back/generic file storage service that seemed a great deal with unlimited file types and storage for under $100 a year. Right up until they migrated to new servers and permanently lost all my files. The ole "you get what you pay for" adage bit me in the butt.

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