Focal Reducer Question

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Re: Focal Reducer Question

it would be a fun idea for, say, portraits or something, where the best possible resolution isn't always a priority.

if resolution and distortion are important, you may want to proceed with caution:

"Basically, you're sacrificing some image quality at the center and mid-center of your image in order to gain the wider field of view. And you can forget about getting sharp corners. If corner-to-corner sharpness is what you're after, this adapter is simply not going to work for your needs. It's also not a good one for architectural work—the adapter introduces a noticeable amount of barrel distortion to your images. Our Nikkor test showed only 0.6 percent on the D800, but exhibited a noticeable 1.8 percent when paired with the Lens Turbo and the NEX-5N.",2817,2420102,00.asp

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