Getting really excited about a77 II

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Re: Getting really excited about a77 II

phaedin wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

saralecaire wrote:

Isn't Sony discontinuing the A-mount system of cameras?

No realistic indication of that....

Sony has 4 current A-mount bodies.. A58 to A99 Some of the prices would indicate they are due for an update.. but we have not seen any end sale with no replacement etc.

Sony has 32 a-mount lenses and has released 8 in the last two years which is the most they have released in a 2 year period outside of 2006 when the relabeled several Minoltas and add a few more.

So Sony released more lenses in the last 2 year period than previous 2 year periods ....which tell us what?

To any person with any bit of logic and common sense.. its says they are building products that have shelf-lives of 3-10 years as part of their current plan.  Lenses that inferior to Canon and Nikon offerings unless on a stabilized body and that is not e-mount.. Tells you Sony is not planning in ending a-mount bodies any time soon.  You can say otherwise.. but you can also say the sky is red

It tells me that Sony doesn't have a regular release pattern

Based on economics and what ever they have release between 2 and 5 amount lenses in a year. 8 is above the 2 year average.. this if for people who were at one point trying to pretend and scare people with the idea that a-mount lenses were slowing down.. not so..

1)which in turn tells us that past performance can not be used to predict future performance

This is all while planning the current e-mount cameras.

Sony as shown no indication WHATSOEVER that the line is being discontinued....

There are people who assume you need to replace cameras that are very good like the A77 every 10 months even if nothing is wrong.. Why?

2)where did you get 10 months from? The A77, according to DPReview, was announced Aug 24 2011

Ok a bit of Hyperbole.. but this panic was in full swing in September when a high level camera like the a77 was not even 24 months old .. IE people are impatient.. It is still younger than the 7D and D300s..

which tells us what?

see point 1 - past performance can not be used to predict future performance

So that also means then if that is a hard rule that you can't predict no A-mounts in 2014 because there was only  one new body in 2013.. See you paint yourself in a corner because all the fear is about what people ASS UME with no info is going to happen because of what people ASS UME it should have been.. When there is NO indication that Sony is not on schedule and plan for when it wants to update A-mount bodies.

And if they released an A59 with no real improvements people would scream too.. Release early to placate the impatient or release when new tech is ready and let the impatient fester..   Sony has chosen to let them create their own imaginary hell.

And what is interesting is those who have such trepidation often point to Olympus..

They miss that Olympus released the last 4/3 mount lens in 2008 while release new 4/3 mount bodies every year through 2010..

3)Olympus is a totally different company under totally different circumstances - to draw any conclusions from them would not be prudent

And yet they get mentioned all the time.. If you can't use Olympus.. which sony owns part of as an example of how they phase out a mount.. you can't use them as an example that it can happen.

It lenses that tell the story.. no slow down.. no heavy discounts..

why do lenses tell the story? because that's what happened with Olympus? - or perhaps you are seeing a chain of events after they have happened and are creating a theory to fit?

See points 1 and 3

There are 4 bodies you can buy now.. If they don't update any by June that would be late..

so what does then mean for A-mount if they don't release an update by June?

It means that they have miss an expect spring release date coming for their lower end DSLR/DSLT looking ach at tasks

See point 1

If they don't release any by September that would be serious..

So actually June doesn't really matter but September does? So what does that mean for A-mount if they miss September?

Means they may have missed any releases this year which would not be what a company wanting to keep the line fresh would do.

See point 1

all we have right now is impatient people who think a DSLR line should be turning out cameras every 8 months even its pretty much the same camera "like Canon rebels"

8 months, 10 month, 31 months - why quibble

Because people seem to ASS UME that Sony should put out bunches of small updates like Canon.. and freak out when they don't.

See point 1

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Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

"What does it all mean?" you might be asking

It means that Sony is going to do what Sony is going to do, when Sony wants to do it. We are all just along for the ride - sit back and enjoy what you have got, or upgrade if there is one available, if you want to - it still works

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K.E.H. >> Shooting between raindrops in WA<<
Don't Panic!.. these are just opinions... go take some pictures..

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