Disapointed in my Df.

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Re: This whole endless thread is kind of funny

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Anticipate distance. That's why it's etched on the barrel! Action/sports photography existed long before auto focus. And so you believe sports photogs trust their camera to get their shots for them??

And that's the excuse people give for a camera that doesn't focus squat diddly in low light. Tell me how you going to anticipate distance when you have 1,000 participants inside a gymnasium walking around in a recreation center at Rowan University.

I almost replied to this last night. Moving on a track at walking speed eh? I checked to make sure you didn't start this on April 1.

Look, I saw your port and kudos for documenting all those charity events the way you do. And I realize we come from different backgrounds.

My screen of choice was a Beattie without a split image, so while focusing, all I could see was whether it was in or it was out. I spent more than two decades shooting sports with manual focus cameras -- basketball, football and track (for some reason it always seemed like the person I needed to shoot was part of a 4x100 or 4x200 relay, both indoors and outdoors) -- so I can't comprehend the difficulty of follow focus on a slow-moving subject, moving at a fairly consistent rate. Toss in that they're repeating that same motion for several hours and our versions of reality move farther apart.

I've tried rerwriting this next portion without sounding condescending but can't. I guess the bottom line is next year at this time you'll bring your D800 (or maybe your D3s -- that would have been my choice but I also don't own a D800) to Rowan University.

Be well.

A lot of people forget that a lot of professionals forsake auto focus for speed. Auto anything is inefficient, and I personally, would rather miss the shot because I miscalculated, rather than the equipment failing me.

Or don't use the equipment that's failing me and use the equipment that's capable of doing the job.

No, you wouldn't use MF for fast moving action. No, sometimes PDAF isn't the best way to freeze action and modern PDAF based AF systems are not as accurate as MF done properly - nevertheless, they work in the majority of cases (particularly if you have the luxury of shooting continuously) which is why they get used.

Is the Df AF system functional enough to capture the kind of action you describe? Yes it is, particularly if you understand its strengths and weaknesses. Might the D800E AF system be better? Yes, but, only incrementally and there are conditions where the 39 point system is more positive. If you have genuinely tried moderating your technique and still don't get satisfactory results they I come back to the suggestion that there is something wrong with your camera.

I D800 was a heck of a lot better in focusing in this situation. The D800 locked focus 100% of the time I wanted to take a picture. I won't have the luxury of troubleshooting the Df until the end of May. I plan on using the D800 for my shoots tomorrow.

Which is fair - use a body that works until you can work out whats happening. However, you might want to run some tests on your Df body focusing on moving objects. Subject to shutter speed, you ought to be able to focus on, say, a vehicle moving in low light and take sharp pictures. If you can't, you have an issue with your body (potentially).

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