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A bad photo will be bad no matter what camera...

Richard Murdey wrote:

That's the phrase that came to mind looking at a quick test comparison between my D40 and D600: "For all intents and purposes, the output here is the same."

No, I'm not going to run out and sell my D600, but all the same I was struck by how similar the result came out to, and I'm sure could equalize it even further with a bit of saturation/contrast tweaking.

For all the talk of resolution, dynamic range, signal to noise, sensor size blah blah blah... a lot of the time, its not actually doing much for you in terms of meaningful, visible results.

You, like most others other this forum, should upgrade your actual photography skill as opposed to just buying more gear and expecting magic photography to come pouring out.

I went from D90/D3200 to D600. And the amount of adjustments you can make to to a raw D600 shot are much more than you can make to the D3200 RAW without it completely falling apart. That said, if stuck on an island with only D3200 and a decent prime lens, I would still manage to create some good photos

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