Thousands (BILLIONS! j/k) of hot pixels at 1/200 and ISO 6400 on D800

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Re: Thousands (BILLIONS! j/k) of hot pixels at 1/200 and ISO 6400 on D800

user_name wrote:

Did you under expose?

You will probably have less noise with a higher ISO and a correct exposure (ETTR) than a lower ISO and underexposed shots if you are needing 1/200 shutter speed. Try it and see.

You also need to have NR enabled.

Pictured was exposed well, if not a little over. If I shot it in the middle or underexposed and boosted it in post, it still wouldn't have the pixels on at full strength or red/green/blue. Also, of note, I didn't do any PP to the pictures, myself, the RAW files were viewed directly in Windows Photo Viewer.

For testing (the lens cap shots), I left NR off. ACR will clean the pixels up unless I'm shooting a long exposure star shot. I'm just curious if this is the norm for this camera and its sensor.

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