Beavers on ice (Castor canadensis)

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Beavers on ice (Castor canadensis)

The warm weather is melting the ice on local lakes bringing out beavers for snacks in the afternoon sunshine.

1  This lake started to open on Apr 9, lifting the food caches and making the fresh food on the shoreline accessible.

2  Picnicking on the edge of the ice.

3   Orange coloured enamel is harder than the dentyne resulting in a continual sharpening of the ever-growing teeth.

4    Transporting some food.  Beavers can close their mouths behind their teeth and have transparent eyelids, enabling about 15 minutes of underwater work before re-surfacing for air.

5   Beavers submerge either quietly or by sounding the alarm to others by slapping their tail on the surface of the water giving this sort of (loud) slap/splash.

6  Fresh food, (this spring's red or silver maple buds in the foreground) is a delicacy.   Sweet new sap is so much better and nutritious than the fermenting stuff from last fall's cache.

7   Posing for the camera by sitting on a stump.

All shot RAW from a highway about 50 m away with a hand-held Panny 100-300.  Most are cropped at least by 1/2 in LR5.3.  Uploaded at 1200 px long side, 200 kB max.

Ah, spring for the poster animal of Canadian engineers!


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