Trying to decide between DF and D610, IQ differences

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After owning and enjoying my D700 for about 4 years or more, I find myself wanting to upgrade to some newer technology, to take advantage of better DR, Better IQ ( colors, tones, etc.. ), better ISO and a smaller package.

Ive been shooting a D700 since 2008 and recently added the Df to use as a second caemra during event work. I plan to use them together. The D700 still holds its own, 6 years later.

I'm an amateur who rarely uses autofocus. As a matter of fact, for the past 6 months the only lens's I've used are a 50 1.2ais, and a 105 2.5ais.

There are times when I am asked to shoot at a family function or something and then I will reluctantly use one of my 2.8 zooms and a 501.4g.

I was and am thinking seriously of the DF, because I've heard of the fabulous IQ, plus it's the lightest smallest Nikon FF. I feel my style of shooting, which is almost entirely manual, would be suited to the DF just fine. For the most part, I would leave the shutter in 1/3 and used the thumbwheels as I do now, and just adjust the ISO as needed.

Yes, I only use my Df with my Zeiss ZF.2 primes. I will throw my 50/1.4G on it to travel light. But, the Df is perfect for lightwieght primes.

I've been working off the possibly wrong assumption that the D600 is inferior in build and in IQ.

This is really an appearance/feel perception; its just as well built. The Df just feels better built, imo.

Recently, with all the threads about the 610 everywhere it seems that the IQ on it may even be better than the DF at ISOs below 6400.

I would say ISO400-800 or so based on DxOMark. It certainly has more resolution and DR at base iso. If you are shooting at base ISO most of the time, the sensor from the D600 is the better choice. The Df has more latitude across the range of ISO, and esp. at higher ISOs.

If that is the case, I may need to rethink, because then, to get the DF, I would truly be paying a $1000 premium for mostly just the style of the body and better files at very high ISO's ( which I don't use ). I always try to maintain the lowest ISO, because I believe even if the pic looks clean, DR , tones and colors may suffer at any ISO above 100 or 200.

Yes. You are def. paying a premium for the body style and better high ISO.. but, the high ISO from the D600 is no slouch either.

The D800 is out for me, because I just don't want that may MP.

Same here.

I guess the biggest question I want to answer, and I'm hoping someone has some empirical or anecdotal knowledge of, is whether at normal ISO's (6400 and below ) , which camera has better IQ attributes ( DR, tonal gradation, color depth, clean files, sharpness etc... )

Also, can my AIS lenses even take advantage of 24mp of the D610 ?

The D610 is a lot cheaper, has a more ergonomic design due to the size of the grip. I also like the U1,U2 dial.

The DF looks cooler, is smaller, has a slightly better build and possibly better iq. I also like the AF-On dial.

So mainly I am interested in any IQ differences between them. Are the differences just pixel peeper diffs, or do they make a difference ?

Thank you in Advance,


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