G1X Mark II compared to Sony RX100M2 - Initial Impressions

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Heyseuss Hoolio
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Re: G1X Mark II compared to Sony RX100M2 - Initial Impressions

GaryJP wrote:

Heyseuss Hoolio wrote:

To me, these two cameras shouldn't be compared with each other because they are in a different class. The RX100 I/II should be compared with other slim pocketable cameras such as the Nikon Coolpix, Panasonic Lumix tough cameras, or any other lower end sub $200 point and shoots, because the features in all of those are comparable to what the Sony has. The only thing Sony has it's claim to fame is it's sensor, same thing with their A7/A7r, every other usability aspect of them are down the drain.

This makes a lot of sense.

It's not onerous for me to carry the G1 X, but it isn't a slim pocket camera, and in that field possibly the RX100 MkII is not bettered .

Judging by the ire from some micro four thirds fans it is the M43 cameras that the G1X can be better compared too. I shoot the Olympus OMD EM1 but I can see that it will be left on my shelf a little more often now. I am looking forward to the F2 telephoto, but my worry is that it will actually cost more than the G1 X.

I can see how it's comparable to the m43 cameras, an all in one lens, very similar sensor size. The lens to compare it with would be the larger 4/3 lens, 12-60mm. Both cameras would yield the 24-120mm field of view. Obviously the Olympus would be much larger with the lens.

The Canon is kind of on it's own here with the way it is, large sensor, not necessarily pants pocketable but jacket pocketable, many features, wide range lens.

If comparing features, I think the G1X i/ii cameras are comparable to other "bridge" type cameras, all in one great quality photos and many camera features, larger than a point and shoot but not full on "DSLR". It's hard to pin it against other bridge cameras too because the Canon's sensor size is much larger too. But cameras like the Stylus 1 come to mind, among others similar.

I too have an E-M5 and an E-M1 (recently aquired), I know I'll be able to use the E-M5 without a grip and a smaller prime for a smaller yet awesome photo quality camera. And I have an S110 as well that's my "pocket" camera. I can see how having the G1X will interfere with decisions on whether to pick up the m43 cameras or the G1X, that's why personally I leave that gap between my S110 and the m43 cameras open to make the decision easy since I love using my Olympii.

No doubt the G1X cameras are great, if I can get the photos I do with my S110 (same focal range and same maximum aperture f2), who knows how much better the IQ alone with the bigger sensor can yield, along with the better usability and features.

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