Opinion on abandoning DSLR for System X

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Re: Opinion on abandoning DSLR for System X

I used quite some mirrorless over the last two years from Nex-7 over E-M5 to X-E1/T1 (which I returned). All said and done each of those has been a compromise in one way or the other compared to my 9 year old 5D. Sure a 5D comes in with 500g more weight but compensates with quick, reliable and ergonomic handling - something I miss most with the small mirrorless (yet). Funny enough everybody compares a tiny ML setup with a fully loaded DSLR setup even though this is no apples to apples comparison.

In my case I go leight with my 5D as well. 17-40, 35IS and 85 1.8. With a Fuji to be able to produce about the same results this requires $3k of lenses with 10-24, 23, 56. None of them essentially smaller than their counterpart. So what is in there? Same carrying bag, 1kg in weight saved, lots of $ investment, no time proven equipment, lack in handling, xtrans hassle in Lightroom and no other results than before.

Don't get me wrong I use my E1 more often than my Canon nowadays. I only baught 14&35&18-55 and no other of the expensive lenses. This is fine for my traveling needs. But when I call for quick and reliable it is still my DSLR.

Talking about size and leaving at home: Let's just say in this respect my Canon M with 22mm pancake is to my Fuji what the Fuji is to my 5D. Everything is a compromise. You have to find yours.

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